Sunday, 16 October 2016

Pondering the Rules (part 1)

At the moment I am working on the game mechanics for shooting and dying, but meanwhile I would like to share some initial thoughts about the rules of the game. So far I have identified the following subjects that will need to be decided, designed and implemented:

Line of sight and cover
I need to decide on how line of sight and cover will affect the game. My idea right now is that LOS and cover will be calculated for each and every model and not at an average unit level. Since this is a computer game there will be no delay in the gameplay when working with individual models. For the same reason I can also be quite detailed in the calculation and will not have to make simplifications to keep the pace up. LOS and cover calculation will be made automatically by the game in no time.

Command and control
It is important to get the command and control rules right. I think they could make or break a WWII computer game like this. On one hand the thoughrough assignment and use of leaders must play an important role in the tactics to make the game a “true” wargame. On the other hand the command and control rules must not appear limited and/or slow for a computer game. Computer games are quite unforgiving when it comes to game pace. If the flow of the game suffers, players will be bored or frustrated and leave.

Total destruction should not be the only way to defeat a unit. Bringing down the morale of a unit (or a whole battle-force!) is a perfectly valid way of making progress. The game must also offer the possibility to rally units that is close to breaking.

Being shot at can be very stressful for a unit and this should play an important role in the game I believe. Suppression is kind of a variant of morale that can keep an enemy unit down for one or a few turns. This could be a good way of preventing opportunity fire from that unit. 

Opportunity fire
I am playing with the idea that the primary reason for shooting should be opportunity. This means that the shooting takes place in the enemy turn when an enemy unit appears, and not as a result of an order in the players own turn. By doing this the focus of the tactics will be moving and positioning the units right.

Thats all for now folks. More ideas for the rules will come in a later post. Feel feel to comment with any ideas or opinions about the rules so far.

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