Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Shooting and Dying

I have now finished the first basic version of the shooting and dying mechanics. The logic is very simple to begin with and works something like this:

For each soldier in the shooting unit:
1)  Wait for a shoot order from the player
2)  React to the order for a random number of 10ths of a second.
3)  Run the shooting animation
4)  Roll to hit

Then for each soldier in the target unit:
1) Check if I am hit
2) Roll to see if I am lucky enough to avoid the hit (defence roll / save roll)
3) Do the dying animation, falling to the ground.
4) Remove casualties from the game table

In order to make the shooting "realistic" I have added some random order reaction time to each soldier shooting. The reason is to avoid shooting in exact synchronization which just looks silly. Not to mention dying synchronously.

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